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 New Movesets Are Coming!

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PostSubject: New Movesets Are Coming!   Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:58 pm

New movesets are coming, and I have a exciting deal for everyone. I'm letting you make your own movesets! You don't have to if you don't want to, but if you do, here's the rules.
1. Be creative! You don't have to follow anything that's already been done, make your own move names, statuses, effects, and moves! (Explain what they all do though.) They don't have to fit with your funkey either.
2. Try to balance them out. Don't make super strong moves and super weak moves, try to make everything equal. You can make things gradually increase in power though.
3. Try to make the first two moves just basic moves, with no effects.
4. Follow this model please-
Starts with: Headbutt, Kick, Punch
Level 1:
Level 3:
Level 5:
Level 7:
Level 10:
Level 12:
Level 15:
Level 17:
Level 20:
Level 25: This should be your strong move, a special move that you can only use once per battle.
5. I deserve the right to edit all movesets submitted to me, to balance them out. After I edit them, you will get the chance to edit anything else. We will go back and forth until your moveset is to your likeing, in which case you may start using it right away.
6. If you need a sample one, or need ideas, PM me. All forms must be PMed to me, do not post them here.
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New Movesets Are Coming!
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