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 New Movesets!

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How should moves be learned, and should there be "Specialties" or not?
Getting them at a set level
 20% [ 1 ]
Choosing Which ones you unlock each level (current way)
 20% [ 1 ]
Yes, there should be Specialties
 20% [ 1 ]
No, each funkey should get their own moveset
 40% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 5


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PostSubject: New Movesets!   Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:23 pm

Hello there :D
The results are in... and we're getting new movesets!
So, I've got an idea to run by you all for the new movesets. You have a few options,

1. How will moves be learned? Either by getting them at a set level, or getting to choose which ones you want. The current was is to choose which ones you want, but if you want an example of what the other choice would look like, here is an example of a old Lotus moveset:
Level 4 - Force Paw - No added effect
Level 9 - Leaf Shuriken - No added effect
Level 16 - Waterfall Splash - Freezes opponent for three turns
Level 24 - Leaf Storm - Opponent panics for three turns
Level 31 - Woodland Sphere - Never misses
Level 42 - Bamboo Cane Sword - Confuses opponent for three turns
Level 50 - *SIGNATURE WEAK MOVE* - Quake Fissure - Opponent loses half of current HP
Level 65 - Rock Slide - Opponent panics for three turns
Level 75 - *SIGNATURE MEDIUM MOVE* - Quake Fissure Level 2 - Opponent's HP is sent to 1HP
Level 100 - *SIGNATURE TOUGH MOVE* - Lotus Fissure - Instant KO to opponent
if you can think of any other way, you may also suggest that.

2. I just had this idea, I think it would be interesting, but it's your choice. The option is either have each funkey have their own moveset, or each person gets to pick a "Specialty". A Specialty is like a "Class" if you've played a MMORPG or various games. All funkeys would get to choose from all Specialties, so in cases some people might use the same moves, but it would allow you to pick a funkey and play-style you like, and I'd try to get as many as possible to avoid overlap. A "Specialty" could be different things, I've thought of
Warrior, your typical close-combat fighter.
Mage, your typical caster of mystical spells.
Bowsman, your typical archer (and now for some more creative ones)
Ninja, a stealthy user of various equipment.
Familiar, a friend to familiars, and uses them to help defeat things.
Mender, a funkey close to the earth, who can use it's strength to attack.
Hunter, a trained bounty hunter.
Speedster, a funkey with a need for speed, who uses weaker attacks, but can hit multiple times with it's speed.
Destroyer, a funkey with sights to only destroy, with a high attack but low defense
Cursed, a cursed funkey with the power to lay curses on opponents that will slowly destroy them
Mentalist, a funkey that uses the power of the mind to attack.
Morph, a funkey that can morph into different animals and objects.
Bonesmen, a funkey that uses the power of the dead to lay waste to their foes.
Scientist, a funkey that uses science and innovative weapons to destroy opponents.
Gambler, a funkey that has extremely powerful attacks, but that lie on the toss of a coin, and could end up hurting them more instead.
Dreamer, a funkey that uses the power of Dream Day Oasis to make dreams reality.
Magician, a funkey with a strong connection to the In Between, and can do seemingly impossible things.
This is just what I've come up with on the spot, with everyone's help I can get more, if you like it. Otherwise, we will work to revamp each funkey's movesets, and make them more fun to play.

Now then, if you have any questions or need any more explanation, please ask. Otherwise, please vote in the poll below. Make one vote in the first half, how you want moves to be obtained, and one vote in the second half, whether there should be Specialties or not. Thank you for your time and imput!
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New Movesets!
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